The European AVM Alliance

As AVMs have become more established across a number of European countries, resulting into disparate offerings that can be difficult to understand and especially to assess, given the inherent complexity of the product, various industry stakeholders have expressed a growing desire for greater consistency across jurisdictions in terms of system outputs, operating procedures, terminology etc...

The EAA’s Mission and Values

  • To promote AVM awareness and disseminate a greater understanding of the benefits that AVMs can deliver
  • To present a coherent interlocutor to regulators, rating agencies, investors and financial institutions whose interests in AVMs extend across European borders
  • To promote consistent standards for AVMs across jurisdictions, by
    • Creating a glossary of shared terminology
    • Imposing a common set of AVM standards and establishing codes of best practice, including strict and objective quality requirements in terms of functionality, coverage, accuracy, database management, testing procedures and reporting
    • Offering an unprecedented and unique array of automated valuation solutions for the European residential property market with reliable Confidence Levels at the cornerstone of risk management purposes
  • To drive greater transparency and better risk management when assessing residential properties as collateral, hence restoring and maintaining market confidence
  • To further the development of advanced AVMs and their applications

See also our EAA flyer and our EAA Glossary