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MIPIM Proptech Europe

1-2 July 2019


ECBC Plenary

11 September 2019


The Euromoney / ECBC Covered Bond Congress

12 September 2019



7-9 October 2019



10-13 March 2020




EeDaPP Workshop, 27 May 2019, Bologna

On 27 May 2019 at the Campus of Varignana (Bologna, Italy), CRIF hosted and coordinated the technical meeting of the EeDaPP (Energy Efficiency Data Protocol and Portal) consortium, under the aegis of the European Commission and in collaboration with the EMF (European Mortgage Federation). This project joins the one named EeMAP (Energy Efficiency Mortgage Action Plan), which recently defined the characteristics that a mortgage must have in Europe to be called "green".

The goal of the meeting, attended by about thirty stakeholders coming from the EU banking system, representatives of institutional bodies, associations and research, was to carry on the activity of defining a White Paper containing the information dataset and the contents of the European portal gathering information concerning Energy Efficiency Mortgages.

The contribution of CRIF in this project has a multiple value as it embodies both the ability to collect and manage data with the unparalleled expertise in real estate valuation, in particular with advanced technologies such as AVMs.

The meeting therefore represents a further step towards the identification of a shared tool on the EU credit market to support both the real estate valuers’ sector – identifying variables for the calculation of the property value also in function of the characteristics of energy performance of the assets – and the banks’ commercial and risk management functions - in the definition of their own policies for the origination and monitoring of real estate collaterals.

The Varignana meeting, following the international conference held in Riga on 24 April 2019, set the stage for the next international event to be held in September in Venice alongside the 18th International Conference on Credit Risk Evaluation Designed for Institutional Targeting in finance.